Learning & Development

Right from the start, our Learning and Development team are committed to making your career at Cromwell the best it can be. We want our colleagues to give their best selves at work, so our HR and line manager teams swing into action the minute you say ‘yes’ to joining us!

We really mean it…there’s never been a better time to join our team and your new colleagues will be on hand to help calm first day nerves, as well as providing you with access to online resources that guide you step by step through your first 90 days with us.

Once you have got a bit more familiar with your role and the team you work with, Learning and Development will offer you a full day with them to breathe life into our strategy, our values and operations through games, discussion and tours around our Head Office site.

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And that’s just the start of it. Our strategy is all about continuous improvement and personal growth, and learning and takes centre-stage with the launch of new leadership and product training, alongside our catalogue of topics.

We facilitate workshops that are enlightening and exploratory, providing insight into the skills you have and, the skills you never knew you had.

With access to coaching and a fantastic portfolio of e-resources the whole way, you can also take charge of your own development, learning how and when you choose to, just one of the initiatives that make Cromwell and ‘Great Place to Work’.

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