Digital and IT

Our Digital and IT teams are responsible for all IT Systems and our Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Customer (B2C) customer-facing websites.
Both teams support our overseas operations and websites, with the IT Team also supporting our strong UK Branch network.

We help drive revenue, efficiency, cost savings and technology improvements throughout the business. We collaborate in an agile environment to help achieve Cromwell’s business objectives and work toward company strategies.

The Digital Team consists of; Backend, Frontend and Full-Stack Developers, UX Designers, Digital Analysts, Digital Product Owners and SEO Specialists.

The IT Team is made up of; Business Systems Developers, Database Administrators, Analysts, Systems Administrators, First & Second Line Support, Software & Hardware Support, IT Process Management and QA Testers.

Both teams contribute to the development, testing and maintenance of a wide array of systems, including: Supply Chain, Product Information Management, Catalogue Creation, eCommerce, eBusiness, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and Warehouse Management Systems.

The teams support day-to-day requirements of team members throughout the business and are involved in large group-wide projects and collectively working toward our business goals and strategies.

The Digital and IT teams often touch all areas of the business and work collaboratively to get things done.

We have a newly refurbished large open plan office with lots of benefits and comforts alongside a ‘buzzy’ and lively feeling working environment.

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